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        冯英健Analysis of regular ideological work tactics Theater Army brigade southern tip of the North Island coastal even conduct邱启明微博_“做最坏打算和最充分准备”——一座县级市的战“疫”考验。Analysis of regular ideological work tactics Theater Army brigade southern tip of the North Island coastal even conduct Why soldiers reluctant to leave this island - Theater Army brigade southern tip of the North Island coastal even carry out exploration of regular ideological work to recruit Act III squatting even notes in the southern tip of the North Theater Army brigade Island Haiphong even interview some instructor Xiao Peng if so excited and surprised reporter: the past two years, there have been more than 10 officers and outstanding performance, was superior or other units "phase", but no one is willing to take the initiative to leave the company.On the other company, which perhaps is not surprising things, and for the north tip of the island of officers and men who are not easy to Haiphong.Here alone at sea, no electricity, no passenger ship, uninhabited, lack of fresh water, is notoriously bitter place, but why there are so attractive?"Hardship on the island, under the island but would like to," "feel at home here." .Officers answer varied, but the reporter clearly felt, although hard here, there is a way for soldiers difficult to give love and love.Exposure company, will feel something special here, "gravity", a magnet for officers and men each.Instructor Peng Xiao said: "often do ideological work, to create a good atmosphere company will gradually form a huge let the soldiers reluctantly field."In the eyes of Sergeant Li Enping, forming effect of field, cadres and backbone plays a key role.2020 mid-September day, Lien Ping led the class on duty personnel responsible for tasks in a separate post.Typhoon struck agitated, wind and rain outside the window.Seeing the wind intensified, the rain began to diffuse the row houses, soldiers from the guilty mind whispered: This weather let alone perform tasks, have a problem staying posts.Some soldiers proposal: "Why do not we apply with the company commander, the first back to the camp Bibi wind it!"To the point of the meal, so everyone was surprised scene there: when he was company commander Fei wearing fitness clothes, through the rain into the town house, carrying with her hand wrapped in camouflage raincoat and hot meals."The weather is bad, we stick to battle hard place!Seize the time to eat!"The soldiers patted on the shoulder, smiled and encourages everyone Fei.That day, on foot from the camp to the post, just over 10 minutes on weekdays, Fei in the way he just spent nearly 40 minutes.Looking at the still steaming meals and bedraggled company commander, we quietly put complaints have devoured her words, tears Dayton finished memorable lunch."A lot of times, often ideological work without a lot of words, mainly by action."In the eyes of Joe platoon leader Deng, who is a soldier what the soldiers would look like; how do you want the soldiers, how to do it himself first.There was a time, thanks to Lance Corporal Zhang physical decline a lot and test results are successive countdown.Deng Joe wanted to come to this, "attempting to rally", criticized him a few words in the name, Zhang verbally agreed to the training ground but still the same.Joe Deng changed course: run around obstacles followed Zhang, practicing horizontal bar first demonstration, the whole lead while running.See long lines are such a fight, Zhang no longer embarrassed to be lazy, he insisted teeth to keep up, the results gradually with improvement."People do not rate not from the body does not believe first."Xiao Peng said, stationed in the island, in addition to accomplish routine readiness training mission, the soldiers also, and typhoons raging, harsh natural conditions such as Snake-infested fight, ideological pimple prone.The face of difficulties, the backbone of the cadres and consciously stand row head, called out "Look at me," "Follow me on," these experiences through thick and thin, it is the best ideological work, the soldiers see in the eyes, warm in their hearts, those knots to untie.Often do ideological work, conduct flag is worth a thousand words.Backbone cadres set an example, but also in the other hand.Even ten thousand ares instructor in the inspection work, told reporters that company is not afraid of the soldiers training hard, work tired, afraid to pay no value and will not be recognized."Camp is not a vacuum zone."Ten thousand ares, in the past few soldiers affected to some utilitarian philistinism, believe in hard work of all backgrounds back is better, not as good as pulling the hills to attack the hills; some people on the one hand, all kinds of hidden rules abhor, privately sometimes relish.Actions speak louder than words.In this regard, company cadres backbone sober: " Shun one meaning, people lose heart of the matter, the firm can not dry!"Branch and pledge soldiers, all officers and men involved in the vital interests of things are shrugged everyone to see, in strict accordance with procedures prescribed to do, places, conditions, criteria, procedures and results of the five public, please grassroots culture Supervisor full participation, to ensure that all officers and men of information, participation, suggestions, and to supervise, to ensure that sensitive matters in the sun "desensitization"."Public" starts with the word "positive" word underpinning, fair and equitable mobilization order is silent.Last September, the company selected non-commissioned officers, there is usually a good performance of Lance Corporal apply to stay team, but superior in merit, there is a gap he eventually regret leaving the team.But he did not complain depressed, but he used the last time the military for the company to plant trees, build roads, also apply execute it several times before the patrol veterans.Asked "Why not Running relationship, when someone talk about love", he replied: "In our company, this is not only feasible, but also a shame that I can not discredit to the company!"" No matter how the times change, people are the biggest magnet."Xiao Peng said the troops who conduct for the flag, heart to heart, friendship hold peoples hearts and create a field war with sincere, harmonious company can make as home, like brothers among his comrades, pure as spring water.Perhaps this is what the soldiers frontiers Morijima bitter think, Jingwu strong as to have a power source, it is effective troops who carry out regular ideological work "magic weapon".Xinyu officers a brigade Yangzhen Ying: always thinking of officers and men in the midst of change, the nature of regular ideological work, it is to guide the officers and men at all times to resist and eliminate negative energy, positive energy absorption and release.How to do it?A statement places, places two lines.Successful political work, not only rely on reason to convince people, inspire people, but also rely on their exemplary actions to influence people, inspiring people.He said a thousand times, it is better do a good job again.As Comrade Deng Xiaoping said: company commander instructor does not set a good example, it brought not a good soldier; leading cadres do not make a good appearance, it is not a good atmosphere with troops, fighting to not get.A battalion Chenguang Bin: Talking regular ideological work, some people think this is political work cadres "patent", part of the military cadres also feel that this is not a matter within their own area of responsibility.In fact, regular ideological work in often difficult, too expensive regular, which is inseparable from the active participation of everyone, layers play a role, the mere political and ideological work of the cadres backbone "conquer the world", the effect is often difficult to guarantee.Practice shows that only create a strong atmosphere, in order to resolve the problems caused by "living ideas" generated in the nurture and inspire majestic power strong army officers and soldiers of the armed forces through.Cheng had a camp instructor: Currently, some cadres backbone "Good singing, acting general" and "eloquence on stage, the audience did somehow" so that the soldiers oral heart refuses to accept, "do ideological work naturally" do not make sense "" no access to fresh "."Without saying the words, heard in the thunder drum."Guans words, meaning action to educate people more deeply, as if to hear the thunder of drums as exciting.Soldier who only adhere to set an example, doing the work front, the former task Chong, the former top distress, do ideological work often have charisma, persuasiveness. 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